Smartphone Kickstand Bottle Opener

I often check in to Kickstarter to see what’s new. Today, I came across this interesting product. It’s a kickstand for your iPhone, Android Phone or just about any smartphone that also functions as a bottle opener.

What I like about this product design is the hole to go on your keyring. How convenient to have a kickstand and a bottle opener always within reach. If you go to there site, you’ll see they describe InstaKick as “The go anywhere, tilt in any direction, use with or w/o case, Titanium Kickstand / Bottle opener for iPhone, iPad Mini or Smartphone. Clip it on your key chain, throw it in your bag, pocket or purse, use it on the go.

Instakick is offered in a variety of anodized aluminum colors and they even offer it in Titanium.

I noticed too that they’ve designed an iPad Mini Kickstand that’s a little bit longer and designed to support the iPad Mini in portrait or landscape mode.

InstaKick Smartphone KickstandAlso, as far as I can tell, InstaKick will work with android phones, windows phones and just about any phone with a 3.5 mm audio jack. Kind of nice to know that you can still use this kickstand even if you get a new phone.

There are still some early bird rewards available as low as $15 but it looks like they are moving fast.






What’s the downside? Well, it looks like you can’t use your earphones while using this kickstand. It will be great for just about everything except when you want to use your earphones.

Good luck to the InstaKick team. I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

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