Right before falling asleep you anticipate that early morning run before work. You visualize the road, the route, the inclines and your best time. In the morning you wake up only to discover your windows covered with rain or worse, ice. What’s a person to do? Brave the elements? Hmm, maybe… Or, what about stepping on to your very own treadmill indoors and staying nice and comfortable? Yes, please.

Treadmills are so popular to own these days precisely because they offer so much control – especially over the weather. So what do you look for when shopping for a treadmill? An ideal treadmill is sturdy enough to carry your body size and weight during workouts. The treadmill should provide an optimal cardio workout with at least a 2.5 HP continuous duty motor. The treadmill running surface should be large enough to accommodate the length and width of your personal walking or running pace. If you plan to run on your treadmill then you need to look for a longer track.

Fast Feet on a Treadmill
Fast Feet on a Treadmill - photo by: {link: }SashaW{/link}

How is a treadmill different from running or walking outside? A treadmill is easily programmed for pace, distance, and complexity. A variety of incline positions mix up the resistance during your workouts. Treadmills let you track your speed, time, distance, calories and fat calories burned.

Rather than running or walking on uneven hard surfaces outdoors in extreme temperatures, a treadmill gives you the perfect workout in the comfort of your own home. A quality treadmill will have adequate cushioning to give you a low-impact workout and to protect your ankles, feet, and knees from possible injury. Soft, padded platform surfaces make treadmills easier on joints and connective tissue.

Treadmills come with options and settings including:

  • manual
  • cardio
  • fat burning
  • speed interval jogger
  • hill intervals
  • heart strength/recovery test
  • calorie goal
  • distance goal
  • cardio heart rate calculation
  • and, even body mass index (BMI) test.

Advanced treadmills are programmed to serve up challenges for fitness objectives such as weight loss, cardio, strength building and more. All provided within the comfort of your own home.

So, continue on the path towards a great workout and better health with your very own treadmill. And remember, you control the thermostat!

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