Replacement Windows

By now you’ve started thinking about replacement windows for your home or office. You want to reduce heating and cooling bills. You already know that window replacements are a proven investment for homeowners. But, when do you actually need to remove and replace your windows? Let’s put if this way, if you drop a feather inside a closed window and the feather flies in your direction on a draft of air, then it is time to replace that window. So, what do you do first?

Whether you install window replacements on your own, use a window company or hire a contractor there are crucial decisions to make. Number one on top of the list is energy saving windows. Keep those feathers from drafting.  So, which window replacement brand saves the most energy? Perhaps a smarter question is which window is the right price AND will save money on bills.

Installing Anderson Replacement Windows
Installing Anderson Replacement Windows

You can research this a few different ways. A trusted source is easiest. Their recommendation for a window brand with proven results is a nice starting point.

But, most of us are lost in a sea of too many window choices. I recommend researching multiple brands of replacement windows and getting your hands on the labels. It is time well spent. If you want a tax credit on your window replacement purchase you will need to know in advance if it qualifies. Not all of them do. You need to read the fine print. In order to qualify for an Energy Star (government-backed) tax credit providing 30% credit on up to $1500.00 shop for replacement windows with U-Factor 0.30 or less. You will also need a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) at 0.30 or less. These are crucial numbers to balance price & quality with your budget. It is worth lingering over these labels. You will be happier with the results.

Replacement windows boast a variety of new technologies and improvements over old windows including:

  • Vinyl
  • Standard action locks
  • Newly designed block and tackle balance systems
  • Low “E” coating on glass further prevents heat penetration or escape
  • Injected insulated double pains with argon gas for increased insulation
  • Increased acoustic resilience
Replacing bathroom window
Replacing bathroom window

Your style of replacement windows could include bay, bow, casement, sliding door or picture windows. For aesthetic inspiration you can consult a tastemaker like an architect or designer.

So if feathers float on a draft of air inside your closed windows it’s time to replace them. But keep in mind that window replacement is much more than merely letting in the light.

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