Red Hair Dye Color

Red hair has been part of the Hollywood landscape over the years on beauties such as Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler, Lindsay Lohan, Debra Messing, and of course, Lucy. Did you know that less than 4 percent of the population has naturally red hair. Therefore, red hair dye color is a big business!

Thinking about dyeing your hair red? Good news! Almost everyone can go red. What’s most important is finding the right shade. Choosing the right red haircolor for you is what this page is all about. I hope to give you some red hair color ideas (Check out our chestnut brown hair color post too). See the red hair dye color charts in this post to get some ideas on specific colors.

Red Hair Dye Color Chart
Red Hair Dye Color Chart


If you want to go red, I suggest not trying it on your own. Get a professional consultation. Your salon pro can do virtually any color or shade you desire (there are exceptions), but just because it can be done… doesn’t necessarily mean it should be done. Right? A good red dye hair color professional can help advise you against shades that might not suit you.

Another Awesome Red Hair Dye Color Chart:

Red Hair Dye Color Chart
Red Hair Dye Color Samples

Red Hair Color is the hardest to keep up. It will fade faster than any other hair color. However you can help to keep it bright using some of these tips:

  • Use a good color safe shampoo
  • Wear sunscreen on your hair to keep it from turning brassy
  • Use a color infused shampoo every 3rd shampoo that has red color in it. This will dramatically help to keep Red in longer.
  • If you have very dark brown hair or black, you will need to highlight strands of hair first and then use a color to get the red to show up.
  • If you do decide to bleach, the color will last for months so make sure you’re ready for that.

Ok, so what if things go wrong and you don’t like the result? If you dyed your hair at home, most red hair dye kits come with an 800-number on the box which you can call to speak to a hair professional who can help you modify the color. Keep in mind though that dyeing your hair and then correcting the color can be damaging. Make sure to thoroughly condition your hair to minimize any damage.

I’ll say it again, Get a professional consultation. A good red dye hair color professional can help.

Some Red Hair Dye Color Products

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