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Springtime eventually arrives. It’s been a long wait. Birds are singing grass is growing. You’re kids are venturing outside again. But for some reason the back yard looks in a state of decomposition. The house looks dipped in grime. Months of snow, sleet and rain splatter has taken its toll on your home’s appearance. For industrial strength cleaning of your patio, lawn furniture and siding, you need a pressure washer. Make it look like new again. Freshen and brighten up your home exterior and backyard features plus your car, truck and boat with an easy to use pressure washer that will work for multiple jobs.

Pressure washing backyard deck
Pressure washing backyard deck - photo by: {link: }OlgerFallasPainting{/link}

When you shop for a pressure washer it’s all about pounds per square inch (psi) (or pound-force per square inch) and the nozzle spray pattern. These are what determine how powerfully the pressure washer will perform. The psi is a unit of pressure that indicates the stress of the water force. Pressure washers are mechanical devices which boost water pressure from your garden hose at 40 to 50 psi into the realm of 1,000 psi or to commercial-levels of over 3,000 psi. This pressurized water is taken to stratospheric pressures by a motorized water pump fueled by gas or electricity.

Another factor to look for in a pressure washer is GPM or gallons per minute. For household use a one to four ratio of gallons per minute (GPM) is more than adequate.

Some varieties of pressure washers include:

  • Electric pressure washer
  • Diesel pressure washer
  • Gasoline pressure washer
  • Ultra High Pressure Washers
  • Hydraulic High Pressure Washer

Different pressures of water provide different target results. If you are researching a pressure washer only to clean cars, trucks and boats than a reasonably low pressure of 1,000 to 1,300 psi will work great.

Pressure Washer Cleaning Car
Pressure Washer cleaning car - photo by: {link:}Cook24v{/link}

To clean your home-siding however, and deep clean patio brick, stone or concrete and strip paint from old furniture, you will be in the market for a pressure washer of 2,400 psi or higher.

The play of water upon any surface is determined by the spray wand nozzle you select for pressure washing. The most powerful and potentially the most dangerous nozzle is the zero degree. This nozzle produces a pencil width spray that cuts like a bayonet. It is to be used sparingly. An assortment of nozzles might include a 15 degree spray pattern for heavy duty cleaning right down to a 65 degree wide spray pattern ideal for applying special cleaning detergents.

Pressure washing interior during Renovation
Pressure washing interior during Renovation - photo by: {link:}Editor B{/link}

Too much water force and you need an experienced professional handling the gear. Too little pressure and you might as well just use the garden hose. Many pressure washers work well with detergents and chemical cleaners and require less pressure. Whichever psi pressure washer you choose and nozzle you select always wear safety gear. Protect your eyes, hands and feet (No bare feet!)  and, protect your ears from the noise of the motor. Always be safe when using a pressure washer and you and your family will be delighted with the sparkling results.

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