If you’re reading this, you’re curious about liposuction. Perhaps you’re wondering how it might work for you. What results will you have? Can liposuction really improve my appearance? You might even be wondering why is liposuction the most common plastic surgery procedure done today? With nearly a half million procedures performed every year? Because it works you hope? Will it work for me? I mean you’re already careful about eating right and exercising. You’re devoted to looking good. But, you have standards. You don’t want to “settle” for the family thighs or your grandmother’s butt. Yet despite all of your attempts to target reduce, you still have stubborn areas of fat that still don’t respond to your good intentions. Check with your doctor first but you may be an excellent candidate for liposuction.

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We ALL have problem spots that don’t respond to diet and exercise. Liposuction will “lipo sculpt” these spots and change their appearance. The word is contouring rather than weight loss. If you’re in this for weight loss, you’ve got the wrong surgery. A skilled liposuction surgeon contours stubborn fat deposits and reshapes your body. In many people’s opinion, for the better! People get a really dramatic change in their appearance and in their lives. And, that’s what we’re talking about.

So how does lipo work exactly? Liposuction is a surgical operation that removes fat from various places of the body by liquefying it and removing it. During the liposuction procedure fat is removed from under the skin with the use of a vacuum suction type needle. Or, lipo can be done using an ultrasonic probe that emulfsies (breaks up into small pieces) the fat and then removes it with suction. Liposuction surgical costs range from $1,500 to $7,000 depending on the procedure and not including other hospital costs. There is typically some swelling and discomfort after lipo and like all surgery it carries certain health risks.

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Liposuction can be done on the belly, hips, thighs, calves, arms, buttocks, back, neck, or face. One liposuction procedure might include multiple locations the same day. The amount of fat removed varies by doctor, method and patient, however, the average amount is typically less than 10 pounds. Many liposuction surgeries are performed by plastic surgeons or by dermatologists. Any licensed physician may perform liposuction.

All the major cities boast numerous specialists in liposuction, of course. But, lipo surgeries are huge in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago and New York. But, wherever you live qualified plastic surgeons are there. That’s how nearly a half million liposuction procedures are performed every year!

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