Laser Hair Removal

Getting rid of unwanted hair is a big thing with me. There is nothing I will not do for smooth, hairless skin. Laser hair removal provides exactly what I want. It removes coarse unwanted hair as close to permanently as is possible. Of course there is no guaranteeing what the body will do if it decides to grow new hairs at a later date. But the overall effectiveness of laser hair removal far outweighs the alternatives. I don’t like to shave or wax. And, I am not a big fan of electrolysis. Talk about painful. But laser hair removal fits my lifestyle.

It’s kind of a shock when you realize that nearly our entire body is covered with hair. Even us girls! Most of that hair is soft or fine and light colored. But for those like me with hair that is darker and coarser in some places, well, let’s just say laser hair removal is a welcome relief. I live in a bikini several months of the year and laser hair removal makes my life much easier.

Laser Hair Removal - Dark haired beauty in a bikini
Dark haired beauty in a bikini - photo by: {link: }memoflores{/link}

Laser hair removal works for underarms, bikini, legs, arms, lip, back… I’ve done it all. Well, not my back. I’m not a guy. Of course laser hair removal works just as well for guys as well as girls. After all, men and women desire smooth, hairless skin in all the right places. But, pretty much anywhere you want to remove hair a laser can remove it.

So how does laser hair removal work? Whether you go to a medical clinic, cosmetic spa or your dermatologist for treatment you will experience either an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) epilator or a true laser. Hair removal laser focuses a pulsing beam a millimeter beneath the skin’s surface. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft beneath the skin. This is how the hair follicle is disrupted. The light causes its degeneration and ultimately its disappearance altogether. Cool, huh?

The equipment is designed to keep the skin cooled while the laser is applied directly to the skin. As the technician presses the stylus against the skin the laser compression forces blood vessels and other parts of the skin’s anatomy out of the way bringing the hair root closer to the laser light. This is what makes it so effective. That is as long as you don’t miss your follow up appointments!

Average appointments number three to eight visits. Depending on how skilled the technician, nurse or doctor, laser hair removal is a quick procedure done multiple times.

My underarm treatments took only a couple of minutes. The appointments were six weeks apart and took a total of three treatments. Now I don’t have to shave my underarms! Most treatments will require more appointments. My bikini, legs and calves took longer. But, it was worth it. I am thrilled with laser hair removal. I am totally ready to hit the beach all year ‘round. In fact, that’s where I am headed right now!

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