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For a homeowner there’s nothing worse than the paralyzing fear of home invasion. Just imagine how easily thieves might enter a window, violate your home and steal your valuables. If you don’t have a home alarm those fears could be realized. Although everyone is entitled to peace of mind in their own home, burglars threaten renters and homeowners a like. We live in a fearful era. Are you ready to research home alarms and put those fears to rest?

Avoid this with a Home Alarm System
Avoid this with a Home Alarm System - photo by: {link:http://www.flickr.com/photos/timsamoff/79357451/ }timsamoff{/link}

So what does a home alarm provide? A home alarm system creates a panic of noise that disturbs an intruder when a home has been breached. At its most basic a burglar alarm activates when a door or window is opened. A loud electronic squeal or siren sounds and the burglar is forced to quit their business. A good burglar alarm will scare a thief right out of the house and off the premises. Basic sensors for home alarms can easily be installed. Simple sensors attach to bottoms and tops of doors and “shriek” when tripped. Sensors are connected to a control box via low-voltage wiring or a narrowband RF signal used to interact with a response device.

To install a basic home alarm, simply plug the system into a power outlet and connect it to your existing phone line. In a few simple steps you will already feel more secure. Basic home alarms like these are portable. When you relocate you can take your home alarm system with you. These home alarms are an affordable option.

However, if you are building a home, doing a remodel or adding square footage now is a great opportunity to retrofit or install a hardwired home alarm system. Your alarm company will run wires right through the walls. With an advanced home alarm system you can receive email and text messages the instant there is an “event” on your security system. Your home alarm will text you when your system is turned on or off and who did it.

Send text messages to your home alarm system easily and “arm” it if need be. Your iphone, blackberry or android all have applications to support your customized home alarm system and even enable to you to control thermostat temperatures remotely. Wherever you have cell phone service you can easily issue common commands to your home alarm while away from home. Cell phone connectivity is also a great back up for a complex home alarm system otherwise dependent on electricity for computer routers, etc. If there is a blackout you will be stuck.

This doesn't have to happen to you...
This doesn't have to happen to you... - photo by: {link:http://www.flickr.com/photos/timsamoff/79357452/sizes/z/in/photostream/ }timsamoff{/link}

Whether you are a property owner or tenant, head of a large family or an elderly person living alone, a home alarm system can be customized for your needs. Now is the time to secure your valuables with a home alarm. Take comfort knowing that a quality home alarm is at work  protecting you and your property.

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