High Quality Passwords

While I’m on the subject of passwords… Here’s another tool to help generate high quality passwords. It’s super fast and super easy. Basically, I’ve created a very simple, high (cryptographic) quality random password generator. Is there a better way to do this? Maybe but this works and works really well.

You can keep generating high quality passwords until you are happy with the one(s) you want. To generate a high quality password, you simply select the types of characters you want to include (lower case, upper case, numbers, and which set of symbols) and then choose password length. Then, click the button to generate your high quality password. No data is transferred or stored anywhere.

Choose PW Length:




Upper Case – A through Z 

Lower Case – a through z 

Numbers – 0 through 9 

Common Symbols (?*&#!_-) 

All Symbols

  1. If the high quality password includes unwanted characters just remove them.
  2. The longer your password is, the higher quality it will be…at least 15 characters
  3. This tool generates data on your device and does not transmit or store anything.

This tool is provided as is without warranty, express or implied. Any use is at your own risk.

High Quality Passwords
High Quality Password instantly

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