GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking is every teenage driver’s nightmare. Company drivers who goof off during work hours, moonlight or waste gas share this nightmare. They are busted. No escaping a GPS fleet tracking system. Unless, you remove it of course which is another nightmare. But take my advice avoid that nightmare.

GPS fleet tracking exposes employee driving and helps you keep tabs on your teenager. GPS fleet tracking will show you exactly where all of your vehicles are in real time. If a vehicle is driven in excess of the speed limit you can be alerted by phone. GPS fleet tracking wasn’t around when I began driving. What a relief. When I think back to all the fun I had in my Pontiac Firebird Esprit…Well, let’s just say my folks weren’t big fans of trick driving. Of course, what they didn’t know didn’t hurt them.

GPS complete fleet tracking
GPS fleet tracking - photo by: {link: }TruckPR{/link}

GPS fleet tracking systems use global positioning system (GPS) for vehicle tracking. We are all familiar with the term GPS. So, how does it work? GPS is a system of satellites orbiting the earth providing continuous location and reliable information to a GPS receiver. Dash mounted GPS is used on vehicles for navigation. Under the dash mounted GPS fleet tracking units, however, are used for just that: tracking your fleet of vehicles.

There are three main types of GPS fleet tracking on the market today:

  • Vehicle locating
  • Live vehicle tracking
  • History logging

Car dealerships, rental agencies (and parents) typically use GPS fleet tracking for vehicle locating and disabling the starter remotely if necessary. (My folks would have loved this.) The unit is installed and hidden under the dashboard. Vehicle information is tracked from the web. Data is converted into a friendly map clearly visible on your computer screen.

GPS fleet tracking device
GPS fleet tracking device - photo by: {link: }EronsPics{/link}

Live vehicle tracking is perfect for transportation companies that want to follow their fleet on a trail of breadcrumbs. Live GPS fleet tracking shows the vehicle moving, parking or idling making it an excellent watchdog for wasting gas. Someone’s going to be busted. You can bet on it. Again as with all GPS fleet tracking systems this information is accessed through the web.

GPS fleet tracking logging systems function differently. It provides information after the fact. Once the vehicle has returned to home base, the GPS fleet tracking device is unplugged and plugged into a computer. The vehicle’s driving history is logged and visible at a mouse click. You can see how far, how long and how fast your vehicles were driven on the road.

Whether you choose GPS fleet tracking for improved employee performance or for keeping your teenagers in line, fleet tracking is a reliable way to protect your business and your family’s future.

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