Dumbest Dog Breeds

Dumbest Dog Breeds…. We all have our list of the dumbest dog breeds. This is my list of the dumbest dogs. Mind you, it’s just my top five… it could be a lot longer. What makes a dumb dog? Well, it’s a fine blend of dogs that hurt themselves easily, like to bite innocent people, yap excessively or just do plain dumb things.

1. The Chihuahua is the dumbest dog on this earth, not only because they are tiny and try to nip at your ankles every time you come around one, but because they bark at any little thing that they come in contact with. They are so small and act like they are the toughest dogs on the block, I’m sorry, but they are dumb. They can’t learn how to do tricks because they are too busy barking or biting. I had a Chihuahua growing up and the dog would pee all over whenever I came near it. I don’t like that type of dog.

2. The poodle is the second most dumbest dog mainly because it looks dumb! This is another dog that will bite you because it is territorial and if you are trying to talk with your friend that has a poodle, well good luck because that dog won’t let you close to that person. I don’t appreciate their hair type either all curly and ratty I just don’t feel great after I pet a poodle. Sometimes they can be smart, but the ones I have come in contact with are always disobedient and bad to have around with people.

Dumbest Dog Breeds
Dumbest Dog Breeds

3. The Pug is another dumb dog. They are another little dog much better than the Chihuahua because you can actually sit next to a pug and they won’t pee all over, or try and bite you. They bark a lot though and that can be very annoying. They jump on everything. Have you ever tried to teach a pug to stay off the coach, or to calm down. No, because they are so hyper it is so difficult to get them to learn anything because they are going on overdrive all the time. They are much better than the poodle and chihuahua though.

4. The wiener dog is a dog I actually really like a lot or maybe it is just one wiener dog that I like a lot. I have a family member that has a great wiener dog, she is great with kids and lovable, but she cannot learn a trick if it saved her life. Well she does know some tricks, but her mind capacity is so small she can’t learn anymore, and to be honest I am surprised we were able to teach her anything because most wiener dogs are dumb and don’t do anything, but look like a hot dog. I think they are relatively nice to have around though sometimes. Some wiener dogs are very protective and they are very loud and bark at you. Some are awesome and nice. They can’t do tricks worth anything.

5. The last dog that is one of the dumbest dogs is the bull dog. Have you seen their face? It hangs to the ground and they are usually so fat they can’t move around or even come to you when you call. Another reason why they are dumb is because they have terrible body features that basically make it impossible for them to jump up on your lap, sit , or lay down unless by shear circumstance because they are so tired because of waddling all around. They are cute and can be nice, but a lot of them are mean, growl, bark, and bite people. I am Not a fan of them.

I’ve been around enough dumb dogs to know this is a pretty darn good list. Perhaps, you disagree and have your own dumbest dog breed ideas.

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