Coolest Android Apps

Looking for the Coolest Android Apps? Me too. This is my list of the Coolest Apps for Android. Android phones are as good as better than anything on the market (sorry Apple), and made even better with the right android apps installed. Choosing the android apps that will be the most useful to you can be a difficult task. There are thousands upon thousands of android apps for you to sort through to find the ones that will best suit your needs. So, here are some of my favorite android phone apps.

LauncherPro: This android app adds a power dock bar to your android phone for launching apps. But, there’s more. LauncherPro completely revamps the home screen environment through a new app drawer for launching apps. This android app also has widgets available that can be (optionally) selected to install a chunk of awesome new functionality on the home screens as desired. These widgets are totally customizable and look fantastic. There’s a very cool Gmail widget included. No other launchers can match LauncherPro for features and value. Oh, and you need to buy the pro version to unlock all the features including the widgets.

Android Apps
Android Apps

Beautiful Widgets: Android is killing it because anyone can personalize the interface and Beautiful Widgets is the the ultimate in personalizing. This android app comes with a whole range of home screen widgets to make it a snap to customize the screens’ look and feel to suit your preference. What do you get? Well, there are HTC Sense look-a-likes for those who are sympathetic to the clock and weather screens on those devices. And, there’s alot more. You can choose from hundreds of clock, weather and battery meter skins  that can make your android screen look exactly how you want it to look. They even provide a cool wallpaper that dynamically changes the screen background to match the time of day and local weather conditions.

Amazon MP3: This free app has morphed from a simple way to get free music on Android phones into a full-fledged cloud music playing system. The free MP3 of the day is still there, along with easy access to cheap album deals in the Amazon music store, but with the launch of the Cloud Drive the Amazon MP3 app has evolved into a must-have for Android phone owners. Once you upload your music library to the Amazon Cloud, streaming it to any Android device (and computer) is a simple tap on the screen. Purchased (and free) music is automatically put into your Cloud Drive for instant access on the phone. The app also plays music store locally on the phone for those not into the whole cloud thing. Free.

Dolphin Browser HD. Basically, the standard android web browser is OK… but the Dolphin Browser HD is close to perfection. This android app browser is super fast for rendering web pages… and it does so perfectly. Also, this browser app has a unique web browsing touch system. The Dolphin Browser method for bookmarking is really solid and easy to use. There are a ton of plug-ins for this browser too that can add a bunch of cool functionality. Also, this app has a configurable gesture system that works by drawing on the screen with a fingertip. Comes in free and paid versions.

Multicon Widget. The free Multicon widget allows up to 4 app icons in the space normally occupied by one so you can get more screen space for all your apps icons. And, the icon slots are not restricted to apps so you can put shortcuts and special functions like the often used Wi-Fi toggle in these spaces. Best of all, its a fully functional free android app.

Did I miss some obvious cool android apps? Please don’t be shy. You won’t hurt my feelings. What are your apps for Android?

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