Cigar Humidors

Every time you open the door or lift the latch on your cigar humidor and catch those musky fragrances in your nostrils with a deep satisfied inhale… well, it’s a great moment. What is it about cigars nestling in a beautiful humidor that make the world great? Is it the fragrance on your taste buds calling for your next smoke? Cigar perfection is ensured with a cigar humidor. Fine cigars stored in a humidor with the proper balance of humidity guarantees your next smoke will be the most pleasurable.

A cigar humidor is a well sealed box or a tightly sealed room with constantly maintained, balanced humidity.  Spanish cedar wood lined cigar humidors are favored for retaining moisture. Humidors preserve the maximum quality of fine cigars. Cigars suffer in an environment that is too dry or too moist.

Cigar Humidor
Cigar Humidor – photo by: {link: }Greg Hayter{/link}

A cigar humidor contains a humidifier, a hygrometer and usually a divider. Hygrometers track humidity levels. Your cigar humidor ought to be 65-70% humid when filled to capacity. It may seem obvious, but keeping the door closed and the latch shut will prevent the escape of precious humidity. Premium cigar humidor brands include Golden Humidor, Elie Bleu, and Alfred Dunhill.

Cuban Cigars
Cuban Cigars

Categories of cigar humidors:

  • Room humidor
  • Cabinet humidor
  • Table humidor
  • Personal humidor
  • Travel humidor

There is something so singular about smoking a cigar. The rich hot taste, the feeling of privacy from smoke so pungently, pleasurably wreathing around cloaking you… A fine cigar does that. It inspires poetry. Or, it ought to. Cigar humidors are an important investment in protecting and maintaining the quality of your fine cigar collection.

Guys in Humidor
Guys in Humidor – photo by: {link: }Chris Breeze{/link}

So whether it is a Romeo y Julieta in your car with the top down or a weekly Cohiba when you hang with your buddies, you definitely need a cigar humidor. And, every time you enter that cigar humidor your pleasure will be intact. That is after all, what having a fine cigar is all about.

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