Change in Unemployment Rates By Presidential Term

With all the talk about Unemployment rates and how everybody thinks President Obama is destroying our country, I looked around for some data about unemployment rates by president. I found a bunch of resources (of course, the US Department of Labor has all kinds of statistics on this) and then I found this simple table showing the increase or decrease in the unemployment rate under each presidential administration since Jimmy Carter in 1977.

Looking over the table, there are some interesting results. Each period is measured from the January Inauguration through the four years of the administration ending in the December of the fourth year. This was produced  with data up through September 2012 so it’s a little out of date but informative nevertheless.

Unemployment rates during both Clinton administrations decreased the most out of any President in recent history. Bush Junior had the single worst performance  in his second administration  followed by Bush Senior. A key take away if you happen to be an Obama supporter is that the unemployment rate under Obama is unremarkably different than when he took office. The rate overall is high but isn’t any higher than what it was when he was inaugurated.

Change In Unemployment Rate By Presidential Term
Change In Unemployment Rate By Presidential Term

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