Bottled Water

Bottled water provides easy access to life’s first necessity, drinking water. Twist the cap, break the seal, tip your head back and you’re refreshed. Ahhh. Carrying a bottle of water means you hydrate anywhere anytime. The block of ice in the icebox days are over. Stopping at the diner for a glass of ice water? Those days are gone. You don’t wait to drink water when you get home. Are you kidding? You don’t drink from the neighbor’s garden hose either, unless you’re five. Besides, your neighbor will probably give you a bottle of water and send you on your way. Crazy kids. Why has drinking water habits changed? Because, bottled water is everywhere.

Bottled Water
Drinking Water Bottles – photo by: {link:}stevendepolo{/link}

What’s the number one attraction of bottled water, aside from mobility? Bottled water provides options and alternatives that are tastier and preferable to drinking municipal tap water. This is the draw to bottled water. Somewhere along the way tap water began to taste bad, show signs of contamination, heavy metals and generally aroused suspicions. Not everyone wants fluoridation in their drinking water either. People want choice. Purified water is what people are looking for. Hand held bottles and bottle water delivery provide choice in drinking water.

Whether packaged in plastic or glass bottles, purified drinking water comes in many varieties:

  • carbonated water
  • mineral water
  • distilled water
  • spring water
  • artesian well water
  • de-ionized water

Regulation of bottled water varies widely by country. Developed nations generally have more regulation and enforcement than developing countries. Sales for bottled water are estimated between $50 and $100 billion annually. That’s a lot of bottled water. You can buy bottled water though a bottled water delivery service for home or office. You can purchase bottled water at your local retail store or you can buy bottled water online.

Americans drink millions of gallons of bottled water. The thirst for bottled water is growing. Did you hear that just now? I just twisted off the metal top of a bottle of Pellegrino. You can hear the bubbles sparkling in the glass. Here’s the squeeze of lime. Let the refreshment begin.

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