Bird Watching

The house finches are flying to the hanging feeder under the house eave like it’s their last meal. Finch boys crowd the four counter chairs at the diner and eat quickly before challenging a rude finch swooping onto the diner roof. Hey! As if. “Get him boys!” This breakfast of champions is the featherweight of Super Bowls. Wing flapping fisticuffs heartily balanced with competitive seed tweeting. Mothers be concerned, because under such conditions a finch boy can only eat, well like a bird.

Finch boy having breakfast
Finch boy having breakfast - <br>photo by: {link:}Mr. T in DC{/link}

With the swinging diner open all hours the girls are not far behind. As the finch boys trough competitively with their bros this of course attracts the babes. Who doesn’t crave the powerful? But, are the finch girls squired to the best seats at the diner, fussed over and adored? No. The fantasy finch girls arrive quietly on the ground below to lovingly sort through seed hull confetti as it drops from the boys mouths. That’s right. The homely finch girls wearing last year’s hats hop contentedly beneath the swinging diner, waiting for crumbs to fall from the feather pugilists. Of course, being sloppy and distracted eaters the finch boys get very few seeds in their mouths, so, the girls feast well. No anorexia here. These girl finches are only occasionally muscled off the terrazzo by a grumpy, fat squirrel in serious seed vacuum mode. It’s a popular eatery that caters to all sorts.

Fashion thrives at the swinging diner. The finch boys shop for their get ups at Abecrombie and Finch. They wear the latest terracotta colored scarves and tightly trimmed reddish waistcoats. Tweed jackets and watch-fobs abound. You will see the occasional cravat tied neatly at the throat. Our fabulous finch girls shop discount. Currently trending are black and white hats, worsted pullovers and dowdy grey shrugs. Hey, they must be amazing in the nest.

Bird watching… It’s very entertaining. No social commentary here.

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