Apple iPad Mini

First of all, I don’t own any Apple Products. Zero. I don’t like the idea of getting sucked into their ecosystem. I appreciate good design and Apple is the best technology design firm, period. I enjoy going to the local Apple Store to see the latest and greatest gadgets. And, let me tell you… the iPad Mini is the tablet of the future. It is beautiful to look at, beautiful to hold. Everything about it is, dare I say, perfect. Retina screen or not, it doesn’t matter. The screen it has is beautiful.

iPad Mini
iPad Mini

Now, go to an Apple Store, pickup an iPad Mini and play with it for 5 or 10 minutes… then go and use the full size iPad. You’ll want to get your hands back to the iPad mini as soon as possible. At least I did. The full sized iPad is just too big and too heavy after playing with the iPad Mini. I’d be surprised if the full sized iPad even lasts as a product in the long run.

I’ve read that Apple may not add a retina display to the iPad Mini in their next iteration because the battery life requirements of the retina display just wouldn’t fit into such a small perfectly designed body. In my view, it doesn’t matter. Battery life trumps pixels in my estimation.

So, in conclusion, I can highly recommend the iPad Mini to anybody, including those like myself that don’t own any Apple products. It’s a great product and I predict that it will become the second highest profit product for Apple, next to the iPhone, after a year or so.

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