America Outrage Meter

What are American’s outraged about? Well, as it turns out… not everything. You’d think that everybody would be upset at the high deficit spending on all the wars but people seem ok with that. But deficit spending for social programs. OH, HELL NO. Anyway, you can take a look at my list.




1) Deficit Spending for Social Programs (HIGH)

2) Deficit Spending for Military/War (LOW)

3) Woman wearing Burqa (HIGH)

4) Obamacare (HIGH)

5) US Healthcare Intl ranking [37] (LOW)

6) Iraq Civilian Deaths since 2003 [~100,000] (LOW)

7) Expiring Tax Cuts to wealthy (HIGH)

8) Gay Marriage (HIGH)

9) Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia (LOW)

10) Community Center/Mosque 1314 feet from ground zero (HIGH)

11) Existing Mosque 2,000 feet from ground zero (NONE)

12) Talk of Global Warming (HIGH)

13) 35M+ people living below poverty line (LOW)


Please add your own or correct any of the above…

America Outrage Meter
America Outrage Meter


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