Air Conditioner Repair

It’s hot as Hades out there and your air conditioner has just stopped working. Yikes. What are you going to do? Well I feel for you. It would be cruel to remind you at this moment that most home air conditioning repair is avoided with regular maintenance. Things like cleaning coils and replacing filters. Vacuuming grates. Simple stuff. But, hey I’m being thoughtless. I mean you’re stuck in the heat without a working air conditioner. So what are you going to do?

Feeling the heat before an Air Conditioner Repair
Feeling the heat before the AC is repaired - photo by: {link:}Untitled blue{/link}

Before you call your service guy for an AC repair troubleshoot the problem yourself first. Check and see if the thermostat is set properly. Flip the switch to cool and aim ten degrees lower than normal. Stand close to a vent to check air flow. Digital thermostats take longer to kick in than analogue so you might be waiting a few minutes. If there is no movement on the dial and no air flow than your thermostat might just need a change of batteries. Hey, it happens. To change thermostat batteries turn off the thermostat and shut off the HVAC breakers.

Changing batteries might be all you need if your air conditioner thermostat isn’t responding. A simple air conditioning repair like this can save you a service call and get you back in the cool sooner. There is of course the likelihood of something more complicated. Let’s hope it’s not a burned out compressor.

Air Conditioner coils need Cleaning
Air Conditioner coils need Cleaning - photo by: {link: }David Reber's Hammer Photography{/link}

If your wall or window air conditioner unit is running high but you’re not feeling substantial air flow, shut off the unit and unplug it. Remove the front plastic vent and carefully remove the filter. It might just need a good cleaning. Get a brush or vacuum out and remove dust and debris from inside the unit. Wash the filter in a warm soapy solution. Rinse and thoroughly dry. A toothbrush can help remove anything stubborn inside the unit. Replace everything and switch back on.

When dirt clogs your air conditioner wall or window unit or junks up your backyard coils it can burn out the motor running twice as hard. Avoid this calamity. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioner will help you avoid repair. After basic troubleshooting you may still need a professional air conditioner repair. But don’t despair. It happens to the best of us. Even sometimes me.

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