Air Compressors

Choosing a new air compressor for your home or business?  Talk about selection. There are portable air compressors, transportable compressors, standing compressors, horizontal compressors, giant air compressors, cast iron compressors, compressors on wheels. An air compressor is used to fill your car tires and to supply clean air to your scuba tanks. Even that recent dental work you had done on your teeth, remember all of that wonderful drilling? Nice. That was powered by an air compressor.

Air compressors power up pneumatic tools like spray guns, nail guns, air sanders, air wrenches, air hammers, impact wrenches, ratchets and grinders. Let’s not forget air conditioners! Couldn’t live without one of those. There is an entire world of compressors out there. So, make sure you check the air requirement for the tool or equipment you want to use. Choose an air compressor that can power your tools effectively.

Dental Air Compressor
Dental Air Compressor - photo by: {link: }dentalsupply{/link}

Mechanically akin to a liquid pump – both gas and liquid are by nature compressible — air compressors are a genius invention. Like a pump that will raise the pressure of a liquid for it to be transported elsewhere, so an air compressor’s pump increases pressure on gas by reducing its volume, so it can transport it elsewhere. It reduces it by squeezing it. Perhaps not the most scientific description but you get the idea.

Piston-type air compressors pump gas into a chamber through a constant motion of pistons. These are positive-displacement compressors. A negative-displacement air compressor uses centrifugal compressors. Centrifugal force generates a spinning rotor that pressurizes captured air by accelerating and decelerating it.

Some of the leading suppliers of air compressors include: AirTech, Briggs & Stratton, Campbell Hausfeld, Coleman Powermate, Contractor Industrial Air, Ingersoll Rand, IronForce, Maxus, ProForce, Puma, and Quincy. It is a big market out there.

Oil-Lubricated Twin Hot Dog Compressor
Oil-Lubricated Twin Hot Dog Compressor - photo by: {link:}BriskersAuto{/link}

So, do you go oil lubed or oil-less? You will quickly learn from your research whether you need the advanced technology and cleaner air of an oil-free system or, the more competitively priced engineering of an oil-lubricated air compressor. Either way you will be taking care of business with an air compressor.

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