A visit to Valley Forge – the original Pentagon

Valley Forge :The original ‘Pentagon’

We recently visited Valley Forge, PA where George Washington setup headquarters. After having read about this place in a number of different books on the Revolutionary War, we decided to drive up from Philadelphia and see for ourselves.  The Valley Forge grounds were impressive and the original house was well kept.

George Washington's Headquarters at Valley Forge
The Valley Forge ‘Pentagon’

The interior of the Valley Forge house was decorated according to what it might have been like when George Washington and his many aid-de-camps and others stayed there during those six months.


Here is a short Valley Forge video showing some of interior views within the Valley Forge house as well as some of the surrounding areas.

When we visited the house, we were struck by how far it was from Philadelphia (when thinking about the distance on foot or horseback). Also, we were struck by the small rooms and imagined the crowding that would have occurred within these walls as all the of the administration of the war was carried out here.

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